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Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Rim (X58)

Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Rim (X58)
Zipp 404 NSW Rim at Wheelbuilder.com Zipp 404 NSW Rim at Wheelbuilder.com

No matter where you ride, the 404 NSW is engineered to make that ride faster. With a rim depth of 58mm, the 404 NSW is designed as a do-everything wheelset that is adept at climbing and maintaining speed on the flats; a wheel strong enough to handle the Spring Classics, but light enough to inspire sprints out of corners.

With its advanced aerodynamics, developed using 42 different CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) concept studies and months in the wind tunnel; the 404 NSW’s unrivaled crosswind stability saves watts that would have been spent keeping the bike straight, and provides unequivocal confidence for high speed descending.

Zipp's new ABLC SawTooth™ dimple design consists of 12 nodes that are specifically clocked to start aerodynamic shearing at a rate of 50hz at 20mph. The new technology allows the dimples to help control the rate at which air sheds off the wheel and improve stability.

Zipp's ImPress™ graphic technology prints graphics directly on the rim and allow the dimples to do what they were designed to do. ImPress graphics also give NSW a distinctive stealthy look.

The NSW rims feature the new Showstopper™ molded-in, textured brake track with silicon carbide particles suspended in the surface resin. The Showstopper delivers predictable modulation and quick stopping in wet and dry conditions

While Wheelbuilder doesn't offer the Zipp 202 NSW carbon clincher rim for individual sale, we can custom build your dream set of Zipp wheels using this rim. To view our custom build product offerings please visit our Custom Zipp NSW Clincher Front Wheel, Custom Zipp NSW Clincher Rear Wheel, and Zipp PowerTap Wheel pages.

Rim Specifications:

  • Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Rim (X58)
    • Weight: 505g
    • Available hole count: 18, 24
    • Rim depth: 58mm
    • Max width: 27.8mm
    • Internal width: 17.25mm
    • Brake track width (center): 26.40mm
    • Max tire pressure: 125psi / 8.62bars
    • Dimpled surface: ABLC Sawtooth
    • External nipples: Yes
Product Weight (g) 505
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