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My experience buying a replacement ENVE wheel at Wheelbuilder was far beyond the actual purchase. I received valuable experience from their staff on selecting the right wheel mode and hub that would fit my lefty. The staff was always trying to advice me on the right solution for my needs rather than on selling a product to me. I was in a hurry to get my replacement wheel shipped to Latam which they did swiftly. Super diligent, technically prepared and professional. Would definitely buy again from them.
Flaming Roshan Feb 17, 2019
Just a line or two to share the how much of a Wheelbuilder fan I am. I have the good fortune of owning 7 bikes. Of the 7 that 4 of them have Wheelbuilder wheelsets on them. I won't bore with the details of the individual builds but I will say this. Out of the 4 with collectively 1000's of miles on them, I have only had have 1 wheel retrued. And the truth of the matter is that was actually a rebuild because of the crater size pot hole I hit. To me that says it all. A wheel staying true mile after mile after mile is where it's at! Never again will I purchase a factory built wheel. Keep up the good work Wheelbuilder!
Dale Green Feb 17, 2019
I've been going to WheelBuilder.com for the last 5 years. I've come to trust their work and integrity. Not only do they sell great products. They have a great crew that is talented and passionate about what they do. They know their stuff. The wheels that they've have made for me have been bomb proof. They literally are the BEST!
Eric Zubick Feb 17, 2019
Recently completed a 4500 mile cross-country trip along the TransAm on the Zipp 101/PT wheel set that Wheelbuilder.com built for me back in ’13. They had in excess of 400 hours them at the start of the trip. The wheels performed flawlessly in spite of the extra weight and I couldn’t have been happier with them: no flex, no spoke or hub issues, nothing but simple, maintenance-free, performance. I was hit/side-swiped by a truck towing an RV trailer on my last day and crashed hard and even then the wheels were fine. In a product world of outright crap and mediocrity it is such a joy when things perform as they should.
Wally Feb 17, 2019
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