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Very quick and accurate delivery to the Netherlands, many thanks received the aerojackets in very good order.
Ramon De Jong Apr 12, 2017
WheelBuilder has been building my wheels (training and racing) for almost 10 years now. I have never been disappointed, rather frequently surprised by their outstanding service. If you want a custom pair of wheels, look no further!
William Thomas Jan 22, 2017
Second time around for a quality wheel. I have a tadpole trike, which puts a side load on the rear wheel that most are not made to handle.

I called them up, told them what I wanted to do, they gave me their blessing. THREE SEASONS and wheel has not yet needed truing.

Going from a ZIPP 101 to the 808.

These guys will get my business from now on!
John Wall Dec 4, 2016
I have ordered 3 wheelsets from Wheelbuilder.com. Very satisfied with their handbuilt wheels, excellent stuff. Equally satisfied with their customer service and especially their useful suggestions and recommendation. Keep up the good work!
Raymond Nov 23, 2016
One year ago I bought a set of wheels from American Wheel builder, Zipp 303's with DT Swiss 240 hubs. Since I bought them I have put over 12,000 miles on them on road and Chicago area bike paths and the wheels are just AMAZING! My wheels have far exceeded my expectations! Thanks American Wheelbuilder!
Schildgen Oct 22, 2016
It's simple, really: the people at Wheelbuilder build wheels. They build wheels really, really well. Pre-purchase support is excellent, personal, and as wheel-geek as you want to be. Post service support? Who knows! My wheels are spot on and have not required any work or repairs. You trust your wheels with your life. Choose your builder with care. Choose Wheelbuilder.
Scott M. Sep 28, 2016
These guys are the best. They really listen and you can tell they want to inform you, but never any pressure to spend more than you want to. Their service is outstanding too. They have my business for life.
Ryan Jul 19, 2016
Admittedly, at 235lbs, I am not your conventional road rider. As a result I have had my share of problems with wheels, broken spokes, challenges with keeping wheels true (necessitated purchaseing a Park truing stand to maintain my wheels) and have even managed to snap an axle on my road bike over the years. In search of a solution, I contacted Wheelbuilder three years ago to build a set of wheels to accommodate my weight. Wheelbuilders's recommended RR585 wheels, 350 hubs, and laced with thirty-two spokes front and rear. Fast forward three years later and the wheels are as solid, have performed flawlessly and have not required a single truing. My compliments to Wheelbuilder for constructing a great set of wheels and carrying me with confidence over the years. I look forward to many more enjoyable miles on this set of wheels.
Rick Jul 16, 2016
I recently ordered a set of custom built wheels for a commuter / touring bicycle I built up. The customer service experience combined with the quality of the wheelset were both phenomenal. You paid great attention to my specific requests, ordering parts that you usually do not carry in stock. Additionally, I recently completed a demanding bicycle tour in Japan where I put the wheels under constant stress from my heavy weight, pannier weight and rough conditions. The wheels held up marvelously. I believe that you are creating quality products for reasonable prices and I would definitely purchase from you again.
Michael Crees May 2, 2016
After looking at the site I had some questions. I Emailed them. All of my questions were answered by Lisa. She was very knowable and helpful with my order. The correspondence was great and I was able to order exactly what I wanted. The wheels were built and shipped very fast and in perfect condition. And Wow!!! The wheels were beautiful and perfect. I have been telling all my friends about this place. Thank you WheelBuilder for such a pleasant experience :)
Jon Pierce Feb 20, 2016
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