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I can honestly say Rich and the team at Wheelbuilder have saved me in my most desperate situations. I know I can always count on them to get it done flawlessly, and they treat my wheels as their own. When I'm flying over 75kph on the track, there's no one else I trust with my wheels than Wheelbuilder, and I will forever be their customer and athlete.

Missy Erickson
World Cup Medalist
USA National Team Member
Missy Erickson Oct 29, 2015
When we are looking for a special set of wheels for our bikes, it's simple, we call Rich at Wheelbuilder.com. He is obsessed with wheels the way we are with carbon frames. There are wheels, and there are Wheelbuilder.com wheels, that is all there is to it. We recommend Wheelbuilder's work without reservation.

Bob Parlee
Owner, Founder, Designer- Parlee Cycles
Bob Parlee Oct 25, 2015
All of my wheels, and those of my clients, are built by Wheelbuilder. I know they will be high quality and that I can count on Wheelbuilder's assistance should anything go wrong. Wheelbuilder is, without a doubt, the best in the business.

Joe Friel, MSc
Head Coach: TrainingBible Coaching
Author: The Triathlete's Training Bible
The Cyclist's Training Bible
The Mountain Biker's Training Bible
Going Long: Training for Triathlon's Ultimate Challenge
Joe Friel Feb 19, 2015
Wheelbuilder has built the finest wheels for our best clients. When you want the best, and when I know every wheel will be perfect, super light and bombproof, I call Wheelbuilder. When you have peak performances on the line, I need power data and Wheelbuilder builds the best PowerTap-laced wheels you can buy.

If you want the best wheels that will take everything you can give them, that's a set of wheels from Wheelbuilder.

Hunter Allen
Owner, Founder- The Peaks Coaching Group
Owner, Founder, Co-developer- TrainingPeaks WKO+ software
Co-Author- 'Training and Racing with a Power Meter'
Hunter Allen Mar 12, 2014
Due to the level of attention that goes into every wheel, Wheelbuilder's wheels will outperform every other hand built wheel. Each wheel's tension is balanced for optimal performance, giving you the strongest wheel possible. Perfection matters to me and that's why I recommend Wheelbuilder wheels.

Jamie Staff MBE
Director of BMX USA Cycling
World Champion
Olympic Gold Medalist
Jamie Staff May 15, 2013
As a professional triathlete, my job includes seeking every last advantage available for turning every watt cranked into forward momentum. I have peace of mind on race morning knowing that I've done everything possible and am 100% confident in my equipment, I seek out Wheelbuilder for both wheel building precision and wind cheating disc covers.

As a high performance coach, I mandate that my athletes work with and learn to use power in their cycling training. My athletes use PowerTaps for training and for cost-effective racing, they simply add an aero disc cover for race day. It's a PowerTap Disc on the cheap!

Mark Van Akkeren
Professional Triathlete & High Performance Coach
Mark Van Akkeren Jul 19, 2012
I bought a pair of ENVE 4.5 clinchers from Wheelbuilder. Great customer service, fast delivery, and amazing hand built wheels. What more can a customer ask for, thank you very much!
Terrence Stamm Jun 22, 2018
I had a Wheelbuilder build a new wheel w/ Phil Wood hub 3-5 years ago. It has been nothing but perfect. I had my Klein in the shop today and the tech noted how amazingly true the rear wheel was. I then told them I got it online from Wheelbuilder, what a great value.
Michael Garthune Jun 22, 2018
My experience buying a replacement ENVE wheel at Wheelbuilder was far beyond the actual purchase. I received valuable experience from their staff on selecting the right wheel mode and hub that would fit my lefty. The staff was always trying to advice me on the right solution for my needs rather than on selling a product to me. I was in a hurry to get my replacement wheel shipped to Latam which they did swiftly. Super diligent, technically prepared and professional. Would definitely buy again from them.
Flaming Roshan Jun 22, 2018
Just a line or two to share the how much of a Wheelbuilder fan I am. I have the good fortune of owning 7 bikes. Of the 7 that 4 of them have Wheelbuilder wheelsets on them. I won't bore with the details of the individual builds but I will say this. Out of the 4 with collectively 1000's of miles on them, I have only had have 1 wheel retrued. And the truth of the matter is that was actually a rebuild because of the crater size pot hole I hit. To me that says it all. A wheel staying true mile after mile after mile is where it's at! Never again will I purchase a factory built wheel. Keep up the good work Wheelbuilder!
Dale Green Jun 22, 2018
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