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ENVE SES 7.8 Rims

ENVE SES 7.8 Rims

The Smart ENVE System (SES) 7.8 is the latest addition to ENVE’s next generation SES aero wheel lineup.  The SES 7.8 features a new shape that provides more speed, stability, better response and refined handling when compared to previous SES wheel models. Additionally, the SES 7.8 incorporates ENVE’s latest textured brake track and road tubeless compatibility.

Like previous SES wheel models the geometry of the SES 7.8 rims is asymmetric from front to back. The front wheel is 71mm deep and 29mm wide while the back wheel is 80mm deep and 27.5mm wide. ENVE’s emphasis on in-frame aero development argues that developing wheels in isolation from the frame doesn’t answer the whole aero equation.  

According to aerodynamicist Simon Smart, “Wheels only work in a bicycle frame.  To test and develop wheels in isolation from the rest of the system does not answer the right question. The question we are answering is; how do you make the entire system more efficient?” He continues, “When developing a front rim shape we are looking for the best compromise between steering stability and drag reduction from the relatively clean on coming flow.  In contrast, the rear wheel is seeing more turbulent flow, a larger frame interaction and we do not need to consider steering stability. It therefore stands to reason that a more efficient solution can be achieved by developing unique front and rear rim shapes.’’

The SES 7.8 also features a new molded in brake track that debuted earlier this year on the SES 2.2. The new texture on the brake track is 100% molded carbon fiber and improves braking power by as much as 30%. The new brake track is more durable than the previous design and performs equally well in wet weather conditions. Finally, the new SES 7.8 is available as a tubular or tubeless compatible clincher giving users yet another option for tire choice.

Due to our international distribution agreement with ENVE, we are no longer able to deliver ENVE rims to customers outside of the United States or Puerto Rico.


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Rim Specifications:

  • ENVE 7.8 Tubular Front Rim
    • Weight: 436g
    • Hole counts: 20
    • Rim depth: 71mm
    • Rim width (outer): 29mm
  • ENVE 7.8 Tubular Rear Rim
    • Weight: 468g
    • Hole counts: 24
    • Rim depth: 80mm
    • Rim width (outer): 27.5mm
  • ENVE 7.8 Clincher Front Rim
    • Weight: 541g
    • Hole counts: 20
    • Rim depth: 71mm
    • Rim width (outer): 29mm
  • ENVE 7.8 Clincher Rear Rim
    • Weight: 578g
    • Hole counts: 24
    • Rim depth: 80mm
    • Rim width (outer): 27.5mm
  • Includes ENVE nipples, valve extender, rim strip, and brake pads
Product Weight (g) 436g/468g (tubular front and rear), 541g/578g (clincher front and rear)
Our price: $975.00
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