Pacenti SL23 Clincher Rim

The Pacenti SL23 was designed for the modern cyclist. It offers a light, wide and aerodynamic rim profile that is tubeless-friendly compatible. The 24mm wide rim weighs in at 450g and has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio for road and cyclocross riding, gravel grinding, and disc brake setups.

Specs:  Available hole count 20, 24, 28, 32. Weight 450g.

Our price: $99.00
Zipp 202 Carbon Tubular Rim (Zipp 255)

The Zipp 202 carbon tubular is a versatile shallow carbon rim that offers high lateral stiffness and quick acceleration during sprints and climbs. Its low-profile cross-section performs exceptionally well on tricky descents where crosswind handling can be difficult.

Specs: Weight: 295g. Rim depth: 32mm. Available hole count: 18, 24.

Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rim (X32)

The Zipp 202 Firecrest carbon clincher rim is the shallowest and lightest entry in the Firecrest lineup. The clincher rim retains the classic 32mm rim depth of the 202 tubular, but has been redesigned with the wider Firecrest profile.

Specs: Weight: 406g. Rim depth: 32mm. Available hole count: 18, 24.

Smart ENVE System 3.4 Disc Rims

The Smart ENVE System (SES) 3.4 Disc Clincher picks up where the pavement drops off. The SES 3.4 Disc clincher is a culmination of road and mountain wheel technologies. From the mountain side, the SES 3.4 Disc rims inherit structural elements that net a lighter weight and more impact resistant wheel. The disc specific rims are nearly 50 grams lighter per rim than the rim brake version. This weight savings comes from designing the rim specifically for disc brake use. From the aero side, the 3.4 disc rims keep the SES technologies with their associated performance characteristics of low drag and high stability in variable wind conditions. If you're up for an adventure, the 3.4 Disc wheels are ready to take you there.

Specs: Front/rear clincher weight: 400g/415g. Front/rear rim depth: 35mm/45mm. Available hole count: 24.

Our price: $975.00
Smart ENVE System 3.4 Rims

The new Smart ENVE System 3.4s are specifically designed as a multi-purpose wheelset that can be used in virtually all weather conditions, terrains and disciplines. The 3.4s, being shallower, offer maximum performance characteristics for professional and novice riders alike in mountainous terrain, or when the wind conditions are too strong for the 6.7s. The 3.4 wheel system is capable of producing very low drag numbers while creating a higher stability index given its shallower depth.

Specs: Front/rear clincher weight: 452g/465g. Front/rear tubular weight: 372g/393g. Front/rear rim depth: 35mm/45mm. Available hole count: 20, 24.

Our price: $975.00
Smart ENVE System 5.6 650c Rims

When customers asked for a 650c aero wheel, ENVE responded with the SES 5.6. ENVE took a unique approach in their development of the SES 5.6 rims, and aerodynamicist Simon Smart was told to start with a clean slate. ENVE could have easily adapted their 6.7 series to the smaller wheel size, but they found that smaller riders may not want the additional rotating mass and didn't need rims quite that deep.

Specs: Front/rear clincher weight: 431g/444g. Front/rear rim depth: 48mm/56mm. Available hole count: 16, 20.

Our price: $975.00
Smart ENVE System 6.7 Rims

ENVE took a unique approach in their development of the System 6.7 tubular rims, collaborating with aerodynamicist Simon Smart to design a wheelset using front and rear specific rim shapes to optimize the interaction between wheels and frame.

Specs: Front/rear clincher weight: 520g/545g. Front/rear tubular weight: 488g/531g. Front/rear rim depth: 60mm/70mm. Available hole count: 20, 24.

Our price: $975.00
Smart ENVE System 8.9 Rims

Smart ENVE System 8.9 rims offer class-leading drag numbers and improved handling and stability in variable crosswinds.

Specs: Front/rear clincher weight: 645g/656g. Front/rear tubular weight: 573g/579g. Front/rear rim depth: 85mm/95mm. Available hole count: 16, 20.

Our price: $1,099.00
ENVE Composites 45 Clincher Rim

The ENVE Composites 45 clincher is one of the most versatile carbon rims available. Very few clincher rims on the market can match its balance of aerodynamics, stiffness, weight and durability. ENVE's 45 clincher is an excellent all-purpose rim, ideal for everyday training as well as uncompromised race day use.

Specs: Weight: 440g. Rim depth: 45mm. Available hole count: 18, 20, 24, 28.

Our price: $850.00
ENVE Composites 65 Clincher Rim

The ENVE Composites 65 clincher rim offers the same versatility as the ENVE 45 rim with a more aerodynamic 65mm deep all-carbon construction. The 65 clincher is ENVE's all-carbon, all-purpose deep section rim and the foil profile provides serious aerodynamic performance suitable for multiple race disciplines.

Specs: Weight: 485g. Rim depth: 65mm. Available hole count: 16, 20, 24, 28.

Our price: $850.00
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