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CLOSEOUT! Reynolds Eighty One Carbon Tubular Rim

CLOSEOUT! Reynolds Eighty One Carbon Tubular Rim
Reynolds Eighty One from Wheelbuilder.com

The Reynolds Eighty One carbon tubular is a speed machine through and through and is the perfect wheel for races against the clock or any effort where you are looking to gain maximum aerodynamics and speed while expending the least amount of energy. The heart and soul of the Eight One is Reynolds' high modulus carbon and refined resin system, to balance speed with stiffness; strength with lightweight.

Our wheelbuilding expertise combined with Reynolds' unidirectional carbon construction yields a wheel with exceptional lateral stiffness and strength.

Reynolds Racing rims are used by professionals in the pro peloton. These rims incorporate the most advanced carbon fiber materials and resin systems, new aerodynamic rim profiles and improved braking technology. Reynolds' CTg (cryo + glass transition point) is a patented, temperature-conductive brake track resin that improves heat capacity during heavy braking. All Reynolds Road Racing rims feature the Swirl Lip Generator, a .9mm ridge on the leading edge of the rim used to guide airflow and minimize drag. Previously only available in the RZR rims, the Swirl Lip Generator is found on all Reynolds Racing rims.

The super deep 81mm profile Eighty One rims are especially well suited for time trialing and triathlons.

Rim Specifications:

  • Weight: 552g
  • Available hole counts: 16, 20
  • Rim depth: 81mm
  • Ideal use: road training and racing, triathlon training and racing, time trialing
Product Weight (g) 552
MSRP: $860.00
Our price: $399.99
Hole count (in stock)
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