I have an older, bomb-proof 28 spoke front and 32 spoke rear 10 speed DT wheel set (240 hubs, RR 1.1 rims and DT spokes) that is still in very good shape. Like a lot of guys, I am thinking about swapping out my older, getting long in the tooth 7800 DuraAce group for a new 11 speed set-up. But with my frame, wheels and cockpit, plus my wheels being in such great shape, I don't want to swap out any more than I have to. So my question is two-fold. One, will this freehub swap out likely give me, given that the rest of the hub is in good shape, many more miles on that wheel? And given that I would be going from a Shimano 10 speed to a Shimano 11 speed cassette, would the wheel require any additional dishing?

DT Swiss Freehub Body for 11 Speed Shimano Compatibility
This freehub body will convert your existing 10spd DT Swiss 240s rear hub to 11spd. As long as the hub has been properly lubricated and serviced over the years, you should get many more years of service. With the 11 speed end cap, re-dishing should not be necessary, and any misalignment will be very slight.
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Answered on Sep 13, 2016

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