I weigh 210 Pounds, average 250 watts with peaks of 800 watts on climbs and sprints. What aluminum clincher wheel (Zipp, or HED) would you recommend and what spoke count, hub? You built me a set of 404's 2 years ago and they are still working great.

Custom Zipp 30 Course Alloy Rear Wheel
The Zipp 30 Course is an ideal rim for your profile. At approximately 530g, it will offer better long term durability and stiffness over a rim such as the HED Belgium C2, which is lighter and has thinner walls.

As far as spokes go, we recommend a bladed spoke. With bladed spokes we can control the tension uniformity with precision thanks to the flat edge of the blade. Visit our spoke information page in our tech section for more information on spokes. A standard bladed spoke such as the Sapim CX Ray or DT Aerolite would result in a lighter high performance wheel. If you would like to err on the side of durability and increased lateral stiffness, choose a heavy duty bladed spoke such as the DT Swiss Aero Comp. A spoke count of 24 in the front and 28 in the rear is ideal for your application.

The Chris King R45 is arguably the stiffest hub on the market, comes in a variety of beautiful colors, and is a popular choice with powerful or bigger riders.

Please contact us directly for further consultation. We would be happy to discuss the finer details of our component offerings.
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Answered on Aug 25, 2016

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