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Custom FSE Rear Road Wheel

Custom FSE Rear Road Wheel

Filament Spin Evolution (FSE) is an innovative composites manufacturer employing a unique approach to carbon rim construction based around the concept of filament winding. 

FSE development engineers were searching for the holy grail of 100% automation combined with precise quality control from start to finish.  They decided to rethink the process of carbon rim production, and CNC filament winding was part of their solution. The process of filament winding has the advantage of producing complex shapes with uninterrupted carbon fibers and near perfect resin control. FSE's computer controlled production line accurately controls resin delivery on every filament as it passes through a resin bath en route to the winding machines.  

Resulting rims have significantly fewer voids and defects due to their accurately controlled process.  Advanced automation makes FSE Rims less costly to manufacture than traditional labor intensive layup production methods.

FSE rims are UCI tested and approved for all levels of racing.

Rim Specifications:

FSE Tubeless Road Clincher Rim Comparison
 Model EVO 25CT EVO 35CT EVO 45CT
External Width 25.6mm  26.6mm   26.6mm
Internal Width 17.5mm  18mm 18mm
Hole Counts 20, 24, 28H  20, 24, 28H  20, 24, 28H 
Weight  400g  420g  460g 
Decal Black Vinyl  Ghost Laser Etched Ghost Laser Etched
Rim Depth 25mm 35mm  45mm 

Hub Options:

Note: If you would like to further customize your build with a unique combination of white, red, black or silver spokes, please leave us a note in the special instructions field and we will work out the details with you via email.


  • Base package price includes FSE tubeless clincher rim, DT Swiss 350 hub, black bladed spokes, brass nipples, rim tape and labor.
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MSRP: $905.00
Our price: $805.00
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