FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Where are you located?
2. Can I pick up/drop off my wheel in person?
3. What is your shipping method?
4. What forms of payment do you accept?
5. Do you take PayPal?


1. Should I pick a carbon or aluminum rim?
2. What are the differences between alloy and brass nipples?


1. What is the turnaround time to build a wheelset?
2. How much do you charge to build a wheel?
3. My wheel keeps breaking spokes, can you fix it?
4. What's so special about Wheelbuilder handbuilt wheels?


1. I already have a PowerTap hub, can you build it into a new wheel?
2. Why isn't my computer (CPU) showing watts?
3. When riding, why does my cadence show all dashes or zeros?
4. Why does my heart rate display zero?
5. Why does my heart rate data seem incorrect?
6. Why do I have no display on my computer?
7. Why is my computer display on, but there is no transmission icon?
8. Why do I get intermittent data transmission?
9. Why does my power seem incorrect?
10. Why does my speed seem incorrect?
11. How do I synchronize my computer with a new hub?

Track PowerTap

1. I have a road PowerTap hub, can you convert it to a Track PowerTap?
2. The Track PowerTap uses White Industries splined fixed gear cogs; is normal threading an option?
3. Is the Track PowerTap conversion permanent?
4. Can you convert a PowerTap hub that's already laced into a wheel?


1. Why does my Garmin display wildly high power numbers?
2. How do I synchronize my Garmin with my PowerTap hub?

Coaching Partners

1. How do I become a Coaching Partner?


1. Where can I get help troubleshooting or installing my Wheelbuilder.com Aero Jacket Aero Disc Cover?

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