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ENVE M60 Forty High Volume Rim

ENVE M60 Forty High Volume Rim
ENVE M60 Forty HV Rim ENVE M60 Forty HV Rim
ENVE M-Series Rim Profiles ENVE M-Series Hookless Rim

The M60 Forty HV is for riders who enjoy exploring remote backcountry locations that feature long climbs and longer descents. HV designates “high volume” and refers to a rim geometry optimized for aggressive high volume tires. The width and strength of the M60 Forty High Volume rim will prompt many riders to view it as the ultimate Trail or Enduro rim, while others will see its low weight and use it for XC racing. Regardless of application, this rim is made for the rider who loves mountain biking with 2.3 to 2.4-inch tires.

ENVE M-Series carbon MTB rims are ride tuned for discipline-specific performance and each model's ratio represents a rider's inclination toward descending vs. ascending. The M60 Forty is 60% descending & 40% climbing—this is more of a suggestion than an absolute rule, but most riders will identify with one of the categories more than the others. The result is a rim that's appropriately light, stiff and durable for the specific application.

M-Series models are optimized to perform with specific tire sizes and the layup incorporates unique, proprietary shapes and construction based on the attributes desired for each discipline.

By eliminating the bead hook from the top of the rim sidewall, ENVE M-Series rims have a more reliable seal, which reduces the possibility of burping with tubeless tires. The hookless bead design also mechanically improves durability and impact resistance. M-Series rims are not only stronger than previous models, but lighter and stiffer than their first generation predecessors.

To view our custom ENVE MTB wheel build offerings please visit our custom ENVE MTB front wheel, custom ENVE MTB rear wheel, and MTB PowerTap wheel pages.

Rim Specifications:

  • Size: 27.5" (650b), 29" (29er)
  • Weight: 422g (27.5"), 458g (29er)
  • Hole count: 28, 32
  • Rim depth: 28mm
  • Rim width: 26mm (inner), 32mm (outer)
  • ERD: 565 (27.5"), 602 (29er)
  • Finish: Unidirectional carbon
  • Includes: nipples, tubeless rim tape, and valve stem
  • Ideal use: trail, enduro, cross country racing; 60% descending/40% climbing

Due to our international distribution agreement with ENVE, we are no longer able to deliver ENVE rims to customers outside of the United States or Puerto Rico.

Not sure what to choose? Call (626) 442-4444 or contact us online.

Product Weight (g) 422g (27.5), 458g (29er)
MSRP: $975.00
Our price: $829.99
Rim size
Hole count
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