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ENVE M525 Rim

ENVE M525 Rim
ENVE M525 Rim at Wheelbuilder.com

The ENVE M525 is a full carbon fiber XC rim that is lighter, wider and more vertically compliant without sacrificing strength or reliability. Featuring M525 ENVE's patent pending wide, hookless bead, the M525 allows riders to run modern light weight and wider XC tires while reducing the risk of pinch flatting or impact damage.

The ENVE Wide Hookless Bead technology is found exclusively in the M Series 525, 630, 635, and 640 model wheels. This broad surface creates a more forgiving platform on which the tire can bottom out, and proves extremely effective reducing the likelihood of "pinch" or "snake-bite" style flats. In addition to improving tire performance and reliability, the wide hookless bead disperses impacts over a larger area, protecting the rim from damage.

To view our custom ENVE MTB wheel build offerings please visit our custom ENVE M525 MTB front wheel, custom ENVE M525 MTB rear wheel, and MTB PowerTap wheel pages.

Rim Specifications:

  • Size: 27.5" (650b), 29" (29er)
  • Weight: 349 (27.5"), 367g (29er)
  • Hole count: 24
  • Rim depth: 25mm
  • Rim width: 25mm (inner), 33.5mm (outer)
  • Engineered for 2.1"-2.4" tires
  • ERD: 569 (27.5"), 608 (29er)
  • Finish: Unidirectional carbon
  • Includes: nipples, tubeless rim tape, and valve stem
  • Ideal use: cross country/trail, cross country racing; 50% descending/50% climbing
  • Warranty: 5 years with lifetime crash replacement

Due to our international distribution agreement with ENVE, we are no longer able to deliver ENVE rims to customers outside of the United States or Puerto Rico.

Not sure what to choose? Call (626) 442-4444 or contact us online.

Product Weight (g) 349g (650b), 367g (29er)
Our price: $999.99
Rim size
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