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Custom Fatbike Wheelsets

Custom Fatbike Wheelsets

Fatbike wheels give you the flotation and traction to conquer the worst of terrains including wet rocks, mud, sand, ice, and snow. Wheelbuilder will help you select from a variety of high quality rim, hub, spoke, and nipple options to create a custom fatbike wheelset designed specifically for your off-road needs.

Fatbikes are exploding in popularity because they allow riders to explore and conquer previously impassible terrains. They extend the riding season in snowy towns, float over thick sand and mud, and hold great traction on slippery roots, ruts, and rocks. Plus, the high volume, low pressure fatty tires are extremely fun to ride! They bring out the inner child in every rider, which is why you even see them being used as a local commuter and town bike.

Call (626-442-4444) or email us and we will help you select compatible component and gearing specifications for your bike frame, rider weight, and riding purpose. Pricing will vary based on the build components.

About Our Custom Builds:

All Wheelbuilder custom handbuilt wheels pass through our exacting quality assurance process, which includes full tension analysis with meters designed, built and calibrated in-house. Modern engineering production methods adopted from automotive and aerospace manufacturing are used to guarantee accuracy during each step of our build process. No detail in our assembly or quality assurance process is left to chance. Learn more about the Wheelbuilder Difference.

Note (Build Time):

All fatbike wheels are made-to-order and handbuilt. Due to the limited availability of parts and colors, a standard 2-week build time will apply to all fatbike wheel orders. If the build will take longer than 2-weeks we will contact you directly.

Not sure what to choose? Call (626-442-4444) or email us. We're always happy to discuss component options and make recommendations for optimal performance. Pricing will vary based on the build components.

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Rich Sawiris
Answered on Aug 14, 2018
If the drive side spokes are pulling through the rim it probably needs to be replaced with something more robust. Drop us an e-mail with more detail on your current setup or give us a call.

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