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Custom DT Swiss Rear Track Wheel

Custom DT Swiss Rear Track Wheel

The DT Swiss RR 585 is the strongest road rim in the DT Swiss lineup. It offers a semi-aero 30mm deep profile and is suited for powerful track riders who need the rigid strength of a solid aluminum rim. The 585, when paired with our Phil Wood or White Industries track hub offerings, is an exceptionally durable rear wheel for fixed-gear or single-speed riding.

DT Swiss rims are a popular choice for custom builds because they have extremely consistent roundness and clean welded rim joints. These characteristics allow us to build durable wheels with high precision and uniform spoke tension.

Track sprinters looking for a stiff, efficient, and durable rear wheel will enjoy the benefits of the DT Swiss RR 585 custom setup. Due to it's strength, the RR 585 is also a popular choice for urban fixed-gear riding.

About Our Custom Builds:

All Wheelbuilder custom handbuilt wheels pass through our exacting quality assurance process, which includes full tension analysis with meters designed, built and calibrated in-house. Modern engineering production methods adopted from automotive and aerospace manufacturing are used to guarantee accuracy during each step of our build process. No detail in our assembly or quality assurance process is left to chance. Learn more about the Wheelbuilder Difference.

Not sure what to choose? Call (626-442-4444) or email us. We're always happy to discuss component options and make recommendations for optimal performance.

Rim Specifications:

DT Swiss RR 585

  • Width: 19.5m
  • Depth: 30.3mm
  • Weight: 585g
  • Hole counts: 32
  • Color: Black
  • Rim joint: Welded
  • Machined sidewall with brake track wear indicators
  • Ideal use: Racing and training on the track, urban fixed-gear or single-speed riding

Hub Options:


If you would like to further customize your build with a unique combination of white, red, black or silver spokes, please leave us a note in the special instructions field and we will work out the details with you via email.


  • Rim tape with clincher wheel

Select your ideal rim, hub and spokes and we will custom build your world-class DT Swiss track wheel. For custom PowerTap track wheels, please visit the Track PowerTap package section of the Wheelbuilder store.

Due to Phil Wood's hub anodizing process, some colors may take longer than others. Please contact us for up to the minute ETA.

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Answered on Nov 28, 2016
Hello Simone,

Using a track hub on a road bike can be a challenge as most road bikes today have vertical dropouts, so converting a multi speed bike into a single speed presents the problem of how to tension the chain.

We recommend the White Industries Erics Eccentric ENO Rear Hub for your application. It is designed specifically to convert multi speed road bikes into single speed.


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