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Custom BMX Wheelset with Onyx Ultra SS Hubs

Custom BMX Wheelset with Onyx Ultra SS Hubs
Onyx Front Hub Customization Options Onyx Rear Hub Customization Options Onyx Front 8mm Bolt-on Hub
Onyx Helix Front 8mm Bolt-on Hub Onyx Front 15/20mm Bolt-on Hub Onyx Helix Front 15/20mm Bolt-on Hub
Onyx Ultra SS Rear 10mm Bolt-on Onyx Ultra SS Rear 12mm Thru Onyx Ultra SS Rear 15mm Thru
Onyx Ultra SS Rear 20mm Thur Onyx Colors Box Focus Front
Box Focus

Wheelbuilder is proud to offer precision handcrafted BMX wheelsets featuring Onyx Ultra SS hubs. Choose your desired rims, hubs, spokes and nipples and configure the BMX wheelset of your dreams.

About Onyx Hubs:

Onyx BMX hubs feature their patented sprag clutch freewheel that allows for drag-free performance when coasting, and instantaneous engagement under power. They offer the widest variety of axle options and colors on the market, and are ideal for elite riders looking for a highly customizable kit. Ceramic bearings, and titanium bolts are included stock with Onyx hubs.

Not sure what to choose? Check out our Custom BMX Wheelset Guide to compare rims and hubs, or contact us. We're always happy to discuss component options and make recommendations for optimal performance.

About Our Custom Builds:

All Wheelbuilder custom handbuilt wheels pass through our exacting quality assurance process, which includes full tension analysis with meters designed, built and calibrated in-house. Modern engineering production methods adopted from automotive and aerospace manufacturing are used to guarantee accuracy during each step of our build process. No detail in our assembly or quality assurance process is left to chance. Learn more about the Wheelbuilder Difference.

Includes: Base wheelset price includes your choice of rims, Onyx front bolt-on hub, Onyx Ultra SS rear hub, Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes, brass nipples, rim tape, and labor. Ceramic bearings and titanium bolts are included with Onyx hubs. Please select your desired components from the drop down menus below.

Product Weight (g) Calculate Wheel Weight
Our price: $1,224.99
Front rim
Front rim color
Front spoke count
Front hub
Front hub color
Helix hub axle color
Front hub hardware color
Front thru-bolt
Front thru-bolt color
Rear rim
Rear rim color
Rear spoke count
Rear hub
Rear hub color
Rear hub hardware color
Rear thru-bolt
Rear thru-bolt color
Spoke type
Spoke color
Special instructions
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